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About us

Eco Medical Billing & Coding has always focused on building a trustworthy relationship with its clients. Our medical billing experts make sure to put the requirements of our customers first and then fulfill their expectations with well-managed medical billing services. With over 3 years of Healthcare IT and billing experience, our professionals know how to get things done quickly and efficiently.  Eco Medical Billing & Coding is one of the top medical billing companies in the USA that offer completely customized medical billing solutions. The best part is that our solutions are specially designed to meet your unique demands. So we can better streamline your business operations including; claim processing, the billing process, and revenue cycle management services (RCM).

Why Choose Us

When it comes to innovative healthcare IT solutions_ Eco Medical Billing & Coding has everything that can make your business run more efficiently. Our highly functioning medical billing software rapidly fuels your business growth with improved insights and better control.

Decrease Costs

By medical billing & coding services to, you will save thousands of dollars. We charge just a small percentage of your collections.

Eliminate Headaches

We will ensure that your claims are accurately submitted in a timely manner. This has the net effect of reducing the number of rejected or denied claims due to the inefficient medical billing cycle.

Get Paid Faster

We provide reliable electronic medical billing services to ensure that claims are being submitted to all possible carriers and are set up to receive ERAs, further reducing turnaround time.



At Eco Medical Billing, we know that one size doesn’t fit all your needs. Our mission is to always listen to our customers and provide exceptional, tailored support that fosters healthy practices and happy patients.


We’re not like ordinary medical billing agencies and we like it that way. Our vision is to help healthcare practitioners to adopt innovative medical billing solutions that can accelerate their business growth and ensure sustainability in the long run.

You’re In good Hands

Saving you Time, Effort, Hassle, and Money

Eco Medical Billing & Coding fully immerses itself in the ecosystem of your medical practice, while embracing your office procedures and policies, and working in unison, coherence and synergy with your values, expectations, and objectives. We also provide assistance with Medical Coding, accurately and diligently verifying that all codes are correct so that you’ll not encounter any difficulties with processing patient claims.