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Medical Billings & Transcription Services


Eco Medical Billing offers telemedicine billing services to the practices providing telehealth services for easier and quicker patient care. Our telehealth billing experts will provide you an efficient billing system that will enable your practice to be more accessible to the patients. You need to know about the free spins no deposit.


Merging of your health care units and consolidation of teams including physicians and nursing staff to increase service capacity and benefit from Restructuring process. Eco Medical Billing brings you the opportunity to assess your facility’s physical space and staffing to ensure high quality care.

Office Management

Eco Medical Billing Office management team handle, control, and maintain all processes of work inside your office which is necessary to achieve your organization’s administrative goal.

Medical Practice Management

Our Medical practice management deals with the day-to-day operations of your medical practice .Our highly skilled team with help of Practice Fusion captures patient:
• Patient Demographics
• Schedule Appointment
• Keep Insurance Payer lists (details)
• Claims and statements (Billing)
• Generate Reports
• EHR Management


A referral is usually necessary to see any practitioner or specialist other than primary care physician (PCP), And if a patient has HMO plan then PCP office needs to get a referral from patient’s insurance and send it to specialist office. We can make this process easier for PCP by providing electronic referrals solutions. Our team has excellent knowledge with more than 10 years of experience in this field.


A pre-authorization is a restriction placed on certain medications, tests, or health services by your insurance company that requires your doctor to first check and be granted permission before your plan will cover the Procedure/Item. We offer this one of the special services for the health care professionals, facilities and Hospitals. For Radiology procedures like CT Scans, MRIs and Pet scans and all other Body Imaging procedures and some Medications there is a requirement of prior-Authorization also from their insurances which is usually a responsibility of the ordering physician to obtain Prior-Authorization. Eco Medical Billings team can make this process simple and easy for the Ordering Physician by providing these services.

Medical Credentialing Services

Eco Medical Billing Physicians Credentialing Service helps to avoid delayed submission of healthcare claims, crossing filing limits Wastage of time. Credentialing process is managed by our experienced team with around 10 years of experience that help you navigate the process of provider enrollment.


1. Clinicians would be rewarded for clinical practice improvement activities such as care coordination, beneficiary engagement, and patient safety.

2. When there is no medical revenue cycle management, 25%-35% of revenue loss is due to improper handling at the front office (missed phone calls, patient no-shows, poor follow-

3. Dissatisfied patients are 80% more likely to give negative referrals, which adversely impact the flow of new patients


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